A breakdown of how the GOP stole the nomination for Romney

Read it here.

An excerpt:

In addition to being given nosebleed seats at the convention center, many of Paul’s supporters and other delegates were left stranded at various locations around the city while others were purposely driven around for hours in buses, unable to attend the convention for lengthy periods of time. Some were even taken back to their hotels as late as 3 AM, leaving delegates exhausted.

Once there, while a virtual police state formed outside, delegates from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts watched themselves unseated as delegates in favor of Romney delegates, despite overwhelming objections from the floor. Obvious points of order were outright ignored as if no Paul delegates were even there. Individuals recording the proceedings from the floor were able to catch those running the teleprompter purposely skipping over portions of the proceedings (teleprompter part 2) that would have allowed for a fair fight. Delegates were unseated and rules changes were unfairly adopted in front of the nation. If that wasn’t bad enough, because of the fact that Ron Paul had garnered at least a six state delegate plurality (the majority of delegates from any given state) and the GOP establishment was ultimately unable to rid themselves of that problem, they even decided against the wishes of the attendees to change the rules at the last minute to state that potential nominees must now have an eight state delegate plurality in order to be added to the first ballot, immediately eliminating Paul from a spot on the first ballot.


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