Hey GOP: Go jump in the lake

So, I’m considering my options for voting in the upcoming Presidential Election.  My intent was to write in Ron Paul’s name, but apparently the State of Mississippi doesn’t allow write-in votes.  My options, then, are: 1. Vote Romney, 2. Vote Obama, 3. Vote some other party’s candidate.  Options 1 and 2 are right out, so I decided to see what the third-party options were.  I don’t have any intention of voting for left-leaning parties, so that leaves me with Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, and Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party candidate.  I oppose abortion (so I don’t like the LP’s stance on abortion) and I support Free Trade (so I don’t like the Constitution Party’s stance on trade).  However, my opposition to abortion outweighs my support for Free Trade, so the CP looks like my choice.

Only, the wretches in the GOP are working hard to pull the same tricks on the LP and the CP that they did with Ron Paul’s candidacy: they are actively working to get those parties thrown off the ballot in at least one state. 

Screw. You.

You’ve just lost my vote not only for President, but for any down-ballot candidates as well: Nunnelee, Wicker, etc.
I called the MS Constitution Party, and inquired if there were a CP candidate for MS District 1, and was told that one Jim Boreland was the candidate.  I’m looking for a website or something to get more information.


2 Responses to “Hey GOP: Go jump in the lake”

  1. Why vote at all? I don’t, and here’s why:

    The US has 311 million people, spread across a whole continent. What interests do they have in common, such that a single authority over them all is a good thing? I think my quarter of my city would be better off separate from the rest of it; you look at the differences between, say, Texans and the coastal commies, and you’re looking at two distinct civilizations.

    As such, since I want nobody in power over them all, I’m voting for nobody.

    I do not think this is as counterproductive as it might seem at first glance. Fewer and fewer people see any sense in voting, for a variety of reasons – which is to say that fewer and fewer people are voting for nobody. If present trends continue, which seems likely, ‘nobody’ is soon going to have a clear majority. What happens to rot about ‘consent of the governed’ on that day?

    At the very least, people will start asking some uncomfortable questions. I don’t know if that’s change I can believe in, but it’s more believable than any of the other supposed changes on offer.

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