Re: Five Reasons that the Church Failed on Wednesday

You can read the article here; for some reason, I’m unable to access the original blogpost.

The five reasons:
1.  The Chick Fil-A “buycott” wasn’t loving
2.  People felt hated by the massive crowds that attended the “Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day”
3.  The Chick Fil-A buycott put a cause above people
4.  The Chick Fil-A buycott wasn’t loving
5.  The Chick Fil-A buycott didn’t convince homosexuals that Christians didn’t hate them.

So the failure ascribed to “the Church” rests on the idea that Christians should accomodate homosexuals in their sin, rather than take a stand for righteousness.  The people who patronized Chick Fil-A showed that they were unwilling to endorse homosexuality to the point of accepting a preposterous stance (“Same-sex marriage”), and therefore, they made homosexuals feel bad.

Encouraging another person to continue in his sin is a severe form of hatred; subsuming the Gospel to a political fad by endorsing “same-sex marriage” is not loving in the slightest.  Not that one needs to be a jerk about it, but confronting sin is a very loving and Christlike activity in itself.  It’s a rather pointless effort in futility to try to get the World to love us as believers, since Christ Himself told us that the World would hate us, because it hated Him to the point of murdering Him.  The Gospel is offensive to unbelievers; it tells them that they are not “okay”, that they are not the masters of their own destiny.  Sharing the Gospel with an unbeliever can make him uncomfortable and even angry.  Not that buying a tasty chicken sandwich is the same as sharing the Gospel.  Still, there’s the whole “salt and light” paradigm in which we are to live.  As a public statement for the defense of definitional marriage, I’d say that the crowds on Wednesday were rather successful.

Edit:  In the first link, the comments of one “Tim Hsiao” are very good.

Also: Free Speech tastes like chicken.


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