“Where our conservatism is defined by our embarrassing ignorance”

So “Dave_A” thinks that the Federal Reserve is “A-Okay!”, that Ron Paul is attempting a “political ambush”, and that the “Audit the Fed” bill should be killed in the Senate.  Why?  Because Dave_A thinks that debtors being able to legally cheat their creditors is a good thing.

Well, Dave_A, when you’re standing in the dairy aisle, and staring at the $48 price tag for a gallon of milk, perhaps you’ll understand why your socialist “government managed money supply” is so vehemently opposed by people who really understand and love liberty, unlike posers like you.  And spare me the nonsense that the Federal Reserve “is as Federal as Federal Express”;  the delivery company does not have a government-granted monopoly on overnight deliveries, nor does the U.S. President appoint the FedEx CEO.  So shut your festering pie hole, you contemptible buffoon, and begin your real education in economics right here.

Hazlitt discusses inflation.


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