Shooting in Aurora, CO

Horrible and horrifying.

The suspect was in a doctorate program studying neuroscience.

This incident will be used politically to try to push for increased gun control by the government.  Before jumping onto that bandwagon, one must first compare the number of crimes committed using guns against the number of crimes prevented with guns.  It’s become a cliche, but it is still true that if guns are outlawed, then only the bad guys (who don’t care about the law) will have them.  If one has purposed to murder another, then it hardly follows that he will have the scruples to avoid using a prohibited weapon.

Dr. Torrey’s take.

Was Holmes imitating a scene from a comic book?


2 Responses to “Shooting in Aurora, CO”

  1. It’s also worth noting that the comparison between crimes committed with guns and crimes prevented with guns is not a simple one to make, simply because the former appear on CNN, while the subset of the latter wherein crimes are stopped with guns seldom make national headlines, and the subset wherein crimes are never attempted for fear of armed responses cannot be counted at all. What is seen is horrible, true – but what is not seen is no less real.

  2. Good point. A criminal simply seeing that his intended victim is armed could ward off an assault, and no one but the criminal would ever know.
    It was just a few days ago that video made the rounds of an elderly gentleman stopping a robbery with the use of a firearm.

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