Chick Fil-A and the Haters

So the head of Chick-Fil-A has come out of the closet–and affirmed that his company supports definitional marriage (that is, a male-female monogamous union).  The inevitable result is a bunch of mental midgets declaring their undying hatred of the company, and a promise to perpetually avoid the chain.  “More delicious chicken for us!” is my response.  Seriously, it’s going to get to the point that, if a person is not having a verified homosexual encounter at least once a month, then he will be labelled as a “hater of gays”.    It seems that the most hateful comments come from those decrying others’ supposed hate.  They’re not content with leaving nasty comments on websites, either.  They want to use government violence to force everyone to accept the preposterous claim that there can be such a thing as “same-sex marriage”.  Those who hate definitional marriage love Big Brother.

I have little fear of Chick Fil-A’s continued success in the marketplace, however.  They have eschewed fad political movements in favor of a solid demographic.  Proponents of definitional marriage usually practice what they preach, and get married and have children themselves.  Which means that the customers will be better situated in the long run, plus provide a new generation of loyal customers.  They choose this group over a demographic that cannot physically have children.  I understand that not all practitioners of definitional marriage are opposed to “same-sex marriage”, but generally speaking, those who get married and have children are not as sanguine about the effects of legalizing “same-sex marriage”.


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