Poor Vox Day

He so desperately wants his anti-free market protectionism to be the “real” free market philosophy that he has now taken the preposterous position that “free traders are actually against private property rights.”  How does he arrive at this tortured bit of logic?  By basically denying that there can be such a thing as private property rights.  You see, as soon as someone else moves into your sphere, then he has certain rights over your property, according to VD.  Incredible.  If he weren’t so earnest in his assertions, I would be suspicious of his seriousness.  He expands on this flapdoodle by saying that a “nation” has property rights, too, including the right to regulate the property rights of the people living within its borders, so therefore to protect the property rights of the collective, free trade must be eschewed with vigor.  Otherwise, well, people might be able to freely trade their property to people who live outside the “nation’s” borders, and that would be bad, for obvious reasons.

I like how one of the commenters says that free trade advocates, like communists, have a “secret agenda”.  Of course, we have an agenda, but it’s not secret:  we advocate liberty!  On the other hand, it seems that the neo-mercantilists must do everything they can to divert attention from the fact that they want government to control everyone’s lives for the benefit of a few favored industries.  Silly protectionists, you’re not for the free market.  Free trade is the essense of the free market.  Without free trade, you cannot truly have private property rights.  I reiterate: if a collective of people can prevent you from selling or acquiring your property in any way, you do not truly own the property, and there are no such thing as “property rights” in such an hideous distopia.

Update: Here’s a little something one can do for fun.  Go to one of VD’s pages dedicated to neo-mercantilist nonsense, go to the menu bar and select the “Find on this Page” option, and type in “unger” (without the quotes).  Enjoy.


One Response to “Poor Vox Day”

  1. The neo-mercantilists on VD’s site are practically arguing that Americans earning $10 an hour be compelled by gov’t policy to fund the wages of other Americans who make $40 an hour, because the latter group happen to be employed in a favored industry.

    The rhetorical devotion to jobs and manufacturing has also been evident. There should be no such thing as a “jobs shortage”, of course (apart from gov’t intervention, which the neo-mercantilists propose), since resources are scare, yet human desires limitless.
    As for manufacturing, well, it’s not the “wealth creation machine” that the neo-mercantilists claim. Manufacturing can and does destroy wealth (think of the money and resources wasted on Solyndra). Unless the neo-mercantilists can credibly claim to have a crystal ball or some other device that allows them to flawlessly see which industries will be important in the future, then they will invariably assign government protection to the twenty-first century equivalent of the buggy whip industry.

    Manufacturing can (and does) destroy wealth, but trade always, ALWAYS, creates wealth, even if no observable “work” was done beforehand. Suppose Abe and Bill are walking through a wild forest that happens to have fruit trees. A peach (which Abe prefers) happens to drop into Bill’s hand, while an apple (which Bill prefers) falls into Abe’s. The two trade the pieces of fruit; wealth is created. Both men are better satisfied with their situation after the trade. Both men have seen their quality of life improve. Both men are wealthier.
    Manufacturing only creates wealth inasmuch as it produces products that can be traded. Any barrier to trade necessarily reduces wealth rather than creates it.

    Free trade is the essence of the Free Market, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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