A write-in vote for Ron Paul is a vote for…

Ron Paul, obviously.  Unless, of course, one is a hopelessly ignorant conservative, who thinks that Romney has a substantially different worldview from Obama.  “But Obama’s a Marxist, and Romney is a Capitalist!”  Seriously?  The guy who is the godfather of Obamacare, who claimed that the government forcing someone to purchase health insurance is a “free market idea”?

Romney and Obama are both Progressives; they both believe in a huge, powerful state that organizes society for the better.  They may have different visions what that better society should ultimately be, but the problem isn’t in the vision, but in the methods each find acceptable.  Romney very clearly stated he supports the President’s having the power to throw Americans in prison without a trial (NDAA of 2012, and don’t let a bunch of lying, ignorant state-worshippers persuade you otherwise).  People are worried about Obamacare’s forcing one to purchase insurance, but totally unconcerned about the government’s baldly stating it has the right to “disappear” people?  Contemptible buffoons.  I’ll vote my conscience; no more voting for evil, even that of the “lesser” variety.

Bryan Fischer has been having conniptions over the possibility that Romney might pick Rice as his running mate (there’s good evidence to suggest he won’t pick her, though).  I asked more than once in comments on Facebook whether a Rice VP pick would induce Fischer (or any of his followers) to consider voting third party.  No response, of course.  It would mean taking a hard look at their professed philosophy of liberty.  They would vote for the ticket, of course, because “anybody’s better than Obama.”  I think Romney will probably win, but if and when he does, we liberty lovers will get to enjoy a little schaedenfreude over the conservatives’ inevitable grief over Romney’s perpetually stabbing them in the back.  Or, not.  Most conservatives don’t seem to really have a clue that they are being stabbed in the back whenever it happens.


One Response to “A write-in vote for Ron Paul is a vote for…”

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    “Copy this, Pass this around, post it, link it, tweet it…”

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