The real child abuse, part 2

In a post I wrote a few days back, I speculated that those who oppose spanking as “child abuse” probably subscribe to atheist philosophy.  The “facebook friend” of whom I spoke is Stefan Molyneux.  He is, indeed, an atheist; and not just a regular, run-of-the-mill “I don’t believe in God” type atheist.  He is an Objectivist, which means that he is as much a member of a cult as any follower of David Koresh.

There’s a term associated with Molyneux that I first noticed today: “defoo”.  For an explanation, see this guy’s sad story.

Edit: “Why do people think that there’s a debate about spanking?” Stefan asks on facebook.  Because there’s a debate, of course.
Mr. Preston lays out the myths of spanking here.

Also, this.


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