Did CJ Roberts do the right thing after all?

There’s a meme starting to spread around the Internet that Chief Justice Roberts actually did conservatives a favor by declaring Obamacare Constitutional.  The reasoning goes: “By declaring that the ‘fine’ is really a ‘tax’, CJ Roberts ensured that Obamacare will be so unpopular that people will demand that their Congressman vote to repeal it.”  Brilliant, no?

Um…he could also have simply voted with the four “right-wing” justices, and declared the whole thing unConstitutional.  Much simpler than trying to rely on 1. the populace to get the good sense to vote for Congressmen who will repeal it and 2. traditionally squishy Congressmen to suddenly grow spines to take on Obamacare.


2 Responses to “Did CJ Roberts do the right thing after all?”

  1. Dred Scott, Plessy vs Ferguson, now this!

  2. I believe that this nonsense began with “Marbury vs Madison”, in which the Supreme Court usurped the authority to determine the Constitutional limits of the Federal Government.

    Bah! We wouldn’t be dealing with this nonsense were we still uunder the Articles of the Confederation.

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