Vox Day: “I oppose freedom because I hate Mexicans”

So Vox Day has finally come clean why he really opposes free trade.
“In the free trade scenario, the low-wage laborers migrate legally to Alabama and stay there, increasing the farmers’ profits at the expense of the Alabama workers and the local Alabama culture which is now permanently transformed into Mexico-Alabama.”
Despite the reams of fairy-tale gov’t data that he presents, his opposition is not based on economics, but on the idea that one’s “culture” should be protected by the government.

He also continues to confirm his misunderstanding of what “high wages” really are, and how they are achieved.  A person making $5,000 a year can be earning much more in real wages than someone making $1 million a year–if the latter fellow’s wages are calculated in Zimbabwe dollars.  Much, MUCH more.  But Vox Day obviously subscribes to the Marxist “labor theory of value”, which was itself derived, ironically, from Adam Smith’s work. 

He then puts forth this little gem: “The Alabama workers must either reduce their standard of living by accepting Mexican wages or leave Alabama in search of a place where they can find higher wages.” 
As noted above, high wages != automatic higher standard of living.  One’s standard of living, especially if one is in the lower income quintiles, is more likely to be raised by lower prices than by higher wages.

He goes on for a while afterward, spouting the same nonsense.


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