Bush Appointee puts final nail in Constitution’s Coffin

So the “brilliant” Chief Justice John Roberts says that a fine for doing nothing is basically a tax, and therefore Obamacare is Constitutional.  Great!  Now, the FedGov has a wide array of methods open to it to fix the economy, end the abortion debate, etc.  If the Government wants you to do something, it merely has to pass a law and assign some sort of fine for noncompliance.  Don’t worry, the “fine” is actually a Constitutionally acceptable form of tax, which is clearly within Congress’ authority.  So, to help the housing market, the FedGov passes a law to purchase a house or pay a fine.

Also, Congress now has a massive new tax-raising authority that will please both sides of the aisle.  If you haven’t had an abortion this year, then get one, or pay a fine (that one’s for the Dems).  If you don’t own a gun, then buy one, or pay a fine! (for the GOP).  They don’t really care whether you actually get an abortion or buy a gun; in fact, they probably would rather you pay the fine, since that would mean gravy for them.

Thanks, President Bush, for appointing this ninny to be our Chief Justice!

Thanks, Governor Romney, for inspiring Obama with a dictatorial health care plan!

Thanks, Republicans, for looking out for our freedom!


One Response to “Bush Appointee puts final nail in Constitution’s Coffin”

  1. You said it. Our liberties have been dying a slow death for decades. This just puts an exclamation point on the death notice.
    Slavery or freedom. The sheeple have choosen. RIP America.

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