GOP Base has trouble with logic

So we have this story over at, in which Erik Erikson whines about Republicans who really would like to keep part of Obamacare.  Dude, for almost a year, now, you’ve been discounting the one guy who would actually do something substantial about the unrestrained growth of government, because he doesn’t share your silly belief that there are scary Muslims hiding under your bed.  Grow up, Erikson.  The government hates you for your freedoms, and is actually doing something to “correct” the situation.

I’m sure Erikson would recommend we all get behind Romney at the very same time he’s pointing out that Republicans like Romney are guaranteed to stab “conservatives” in the back–politically speaking–by adopting whatever big-government policies suits their fancy and furthers their own power.  Romney wouldn’t effect a return to Constitutionally limited government.  “But he’s better than Obama!” cry the logically-impaired right.  No, not really.  Not when, as Erikson points out, the Republican Congress is already geared toward greater growth of government (as long as it remains in GOP hands).  Right now, Repubs in Congress have some political incentive to oppose the growth of government, because the guy in the White House has a “D” by his name.  Switch it to an “R” guy, and all restraints on gov’t growth disappear.


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