What Romney must do to win my vote

This is the bare minimum of what Mitt needs to do to even get me to consider voting for him:

1. Rescind his support for the NDAA of 2012, or at lest sections 1021 and 1022. We don’t restore the Constitution by blatantly violating it. And don’t give me any of that “we can totally trust the government with vaguely defined powers” guff.

2. Stop saying bone-headed things like “if we cut gov’t spending, the economy will shrink.” That’s Keynesian philosophy, and while it’s really popular with the political class, it has been falsified to a hideously embarrassing degree by the “stagflation” of the 1970′s. In addition, people who think that the economy is best managed by a central authority in any way (including monetary policy) don’t really believe in the free market. Further, while taxes are onerous on an economy, it is the gov’t spending where the real distortions occur, since incentive to gear production toward gov’t-demanded goods and services accompany the obvious economic loss due to government consumption and waste.

3. Declare that any social issues (abortion, same-sex marriage) should be handled by state and local governments. The Federal Government does not have the Constitutional authority to interfere in such issues.

4. Promise to veto any legislation that grants the Federal Gov’t power beyond the restrictions that the Constitution is supposed to impose.


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