Oh Snap! Romney is clueless on the economy

The Mittwits, even way back in 2008, have assured us that Romney has the cure for what ails the American economy, because he’s a BUSINESSMAN!!(TM).  They seem to forget that “Economics”, both the “micro” and the “macro” flavors, are the classes one sleeps through in business school.  Seriously, though, successful businessmen aren’t successful because they necessarily understand the economy.  Most have knowledge or talent in a certain area: sales, for instance, or finance.  When Romney says, basically, that cutting government spending shrinks the economy, he outs himself as a Keynesian, which means that he pretty much believes the same as President Obama when it comes to economics (Hannity hyperbole about “socialists” and “marxists” notwithstanding).  To learn more about Lord Keynes, go here.

When you finish that article, browse around the www.mises.org website for more information.


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