Confirmed: the race is Paul vs. “Not-Paul”

And that includes the general election.  Newt Gingrich, after overstaying his welcome by nine months, finally bowed to the reality that he cannot be the “Ron Paul with the ‘right’ foreign policy.”  Romney sweeped the recent primaries (I assume these occurred yesterday, I’ve almost stopped paying attention to the race).  This is no more than was expected, especially since the current primary season was set up by the GOP Powers-that-be to guarantee a Romney nomination.  The Mittwits are, of course, wiggly with glee about this; but don’t kid yourself, Mittwits: Romney didn’t win the nom because so many people liked him (and, to be honest, he technically hasn’t won the nomination yet, though it looks like a lock.  Remember Warren G. Harding–his election, not his unfortunate demise, of course).  Most GOP voters seem to have the evaluative skills of a diseased monkey, and voted for Romney because “that’s who the nominee is going to be.” 

Meanwhile, Ron Paul seems to have won a majority of the delegates in Iowa and Minnesota.


One Response to “Confirmed: the race is Paul vs. “Not-Paul””

  1. GO Dr. Ron Paul!!!

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