Do people even know how stupid they sound?

There is a fairly good article linked over at

The author makes some very good arguments for Ron Paul based on his reasonable, sane, and adult foreign policy.  The author is enamored with “universal health care”, and so does not like Paul’s free market solution to the problem of government intervention in the health care industry.  I guess he thinks that if you are sick from accidently taking a little poison, then the cure is to drink a lot more of the poison.  Whatever.

What I would like to point out, though is a posting in the comments section.  One Zack Pattin states: “But this guy’s attitudes and philosophies regarding economics and economic policy here at home are despicable and just as tyrannical, as antithetical to liberty as the war machine he opposes. ”

Seriously?  Freedom = Slavery?  You, sir, are a contemptible buffoon.  Freedom, by definition, is absence of government; of its control, of its intervention.  Austrian economics, more than any other school, is the promoter of liberty.  Government cannot make you free.  Government does not want to make you free.  Having the government intervene in the economy in any way makes you less free.  You think that employers can be tyrannical, but that government officials and bureaucrats cannot?  On what basis?  That you can vote for officials periodically?  That you have a “voice” in what laws are passed?

You can “vote” out your boss by quitting.  You can “vote” against a particular company by refusing to buy its products.  That is, you can fire Wal-Mart today; you don’t have to wait until the next election cycle.  What’s more, Wal-Mart cannot do anything to you if you decide to stop shopping there.  The government, on the other hand, can do all sorts of nasty things to you for all sorts of inscrutable reasons, and it does.  Get your head out of the sand; the only power that corporations have to oppress you comes from the government.  If you get rid of corporations, you will still find yourself oppressed in various ways.  Get rid of the government (that is, limit its functions solely to protection of private property and enforcement of contracts), and your oppression ceases.


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