What is truly laughable


Ron Paul came in last in every county in both “conservative” states.  Seriously, you guys are not conservatives in any sense of the term.  You are whores for the government; you have substituted worship of Christ with pagan worship of the government; you have declared yourselves to be the property of the state; you have rejected the free market and limited Constitutional government for the false promises of security made by a government that you acknowledge habitually lies to you; when the end comes, and you find yourselves marched down to Room 101, you will be too sated on your government largesse and promises of protection to understand that you are about to be tortured into insanity.

Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich, for all the hype of radio talk show hosts who are nearly as stupid as you are, have no clue about the economy.  None of these imbeciles undersand it, so none of them will do anything more than exacerbate the problem.  When the price of milk hits $48 a gallon, and you face starvation because wages will never, ever keep up with inflation, you will still be too stupid to understand that the government is the one hurting you, and will incredibly turn to the one institution that is oppressing you, asking of it protection from the one “institution” (the free market) that can save you from your true oppressor.

You say you’re pro-life, then condemn yourselves as liars, asking for the death of innocents thousands of miles away, thinking that your blood-lust will be sated, hiding behind the laughable assertion that a third-world nation on the other side of the world presents a palpable threat.  You believe the same silly, stupid lies that the government told to justify the invasion of Iraq, one of the results of which was the destruction of the Iraqi Christian community.  You are traitors to your own supposed Brothers in Christ, so that your blood-lust can be sated.  You laughably assert that the people who are subject to your blood-lust are themselves evil beyond redemption.  You claim, laughably, that they are a threat to your nation and the world, when it is your nation that is aggressively invading other nations and killing innocents.  You laughably assert that those who are opposed to the evil policy of pre-emptive invasion of nations that are not a real threat are somehow traitors, when it is you, yourselves who are the most ardent practitioners of treason yourselves, by casting aside the Constitutional limits that are supposed to bind the Federal Government so that your blood-lust can be sated.

You say that you’re “for the Constitution”, then condemn yourselves as liars, voting for any of three candidates who by word and deed subvert the principles of limited government and protection of individual liberty that the Constitution is supposed to promote.  You mock and engage in juvenile name calling against an honorable man, because he does not seek to tickle your itching ears with promises to sate your blood-lust.  You label “naive” the one candidate who years ago prophesied our present situation, both on the domestic and the foreign policy fronts, while showing yourselves to be so ignorant of even recent history as to make anyone of sense to doubt your sanity.

You say you’re for morality, then condemn yourselves as liars, voting for people who wish to increase the power of the one institution that is the source of the immorality that infects our society.  The breakdown of marriage and the family, the abandonment of the Church, did not occur because we did not have enough government, but because we have too much, and yet you seek to grow that government, in an attempt to sate your blood-lust.  You criticise rightly certain immoral behaviors, and then make yourselves exponentially more immoral by your quest for violence.  God did not destroy the world with a flood to stop gay marriage, but to end the violence.

You say that you’re believers in the Gospel, then condemn yourselves as liars, in your rejection of the path of peaceful persuasion to which the Gospel points in favor of legalized violence.  The Law of God, while good, cannot bring a person to righteousness; only the heart change that comes from faith and repentance can do so.  Yet you reject the Gospel in favor of a pagan ideal of using government force to arrange utopia.

You’re stupid; too stupid to adequately describe how stupid you are.  Were you to live 10,000 years, and double your intelligence quotient every second of that time span, you would not be 1/10th as intelligent as Ron Paul’s snot.  I have no doubt you can’t understand me, because you’re too stupid.

In addition, and I know this is going to be hard for you to comprehend, but since you rejected the only honest Constitutionalist in the race, you WILL be getting a second term of Barak Obama.  Supposing that Romney wins the Presidency; supposing that, by some miracle of Satan, Rick Santorum wins the GOP nomination and then the subsequent Presidential race, you will be getting Obama’s second term, which will be Pres. Bush’s fourth term.  I know that, because of your stupidity, you have difficulty distinguishing between rhetoric and reality, but the policies that a President Romney or a President Santorum  enact will be the same ones that Obama would have enacted.  Romney even says he would have signed into law the NDAA, by which the government has authority to throw you in prison and keep you there indefinitely without actually having to go through the messy process of proving you did anything wrong in a court of law.  What’s the phrase again?  Oh, yeah:  “Shut up! You don’t get a lawyer!”  But that’s okay, right?  You hate lawyers anyway, because they represent a speed bump in your race to sate your blood-lust.

Contemptible fools.

My soul is clean; I voted Ron Paul.


3 Responses to “What is truly laughable”

  1. _tiberius Says:

    Thank You, from Mississippi.

  2. SouthernObserver Says:

    Feeling mad? I don’t blame you. But you’ll not attract bees with such vinegar. You missed the underlying reasons why the votes go to other candidates. 1. Santorum does well in conservative states because a certain segment of the far right base, sometimes called “evangelicals” though that’s not entirely a correct moniker, are single issue voters on abortion. Nothing else matters to them. Whether you want to call it for low intelligence or just lack of interest, rhetoric on the monetary system goes In one ear and out the other. That is their gateway issue; convince them on that or let it go. 2. Gingrich does well for two reasons. The frustrated right is feeling marginalized and ridiculed by the media and society and they perceive that Gingrich is a loud, in your face mouthpiece for expressng their frustration at Obama and the press. They do not think beyond what a killer debater he would be against O on television. They are not thinking about Gingrich as president. And second, they see Gingrich as being in the Southern Club. For those voters, southern blood is thicker than water; you have to vote for the guy from the south! Ask another southerner to elaborate on that if you don’t get it, there is not enough space to go into that. 3.Romney has been preached to them as “the one who is going to win.” There is a mentality, and not just in the south, of wanting to vote for the guy who is going to win. Everybody wants to be on the winning team. They don’t really look that hard at the candidates. They are more like team players for the party, not a lot of activists in the GOP. 4 everybody has been told that Paul is going to get rid of their social security and gut the military. Yes, they get their news from fox like lots of other ppl. Changing their ideas can take months and months and numerous conversations. It’s a labor intensive task and requires a lot of time, theirs and yours.

    Two states does not a president make. Onward and upward!

    • “They don’t think”

      That’s pretty much the whole tamale right there. I have a co-worker who I’ve been talking to about Ron Paul, and she seemed to agree with what I was saying (I live in MS). I asked her if she voted, and she said no, she didn’t get the chance, but that if she had have, she’d probably have voted for Santorum.
      “I thought you were opposed to the Iraq War?” I queried.
      “I am”
      “but you support the war with Iran?”
      “I didn’t know we were at war with Iran.”
      “But Santorum says that he’ll start bombing Iran once he’s in office.”
      “Because he’s afraid that Iran would get a nuclear bomb.”
      “Huh. Well, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t vote, then.”
      *Double Facepalm*

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