Newt Gingrich: Ron Paul with the “right” foreign policy

Did anyone else notice that Newt Gingrich is trying to co-opt Ron Paul’s domestic policy message?  In the last debate, he referred more than once to Paul in complementary tones, and said things that mirrored Ron Paul stances.  When it came to foreign policy, Newt disagreed, but he didn’t go for the whole “Ron Paul is a crazy crazy-pants who blames America”, but stated his disagreement in an almost respectful manner.

I think Newt is angling to become the “Ron Paul with the RIGHT foreign policy”, which is, of course the wrong foreign policy, rooted as it is in far-left wing Wilsonian progressive philosophy.

Gingrich also said, after one of the recent primary/caucuses, that he was pursuing a “delegates strategy” going forward.  He may have figured out what Ron Paul did ages ago: that the current primary contest has had its rules changed to improve Romney’s chances of winning (proportional awarding of delegates, certain contests moved to earlier dates, etc.).  But it’s hard to tell with Gingrich; he can sound rather intelligent at times, then he’ll turn around and claim that he is going to make the moon the 51st state (seriously, he did that).


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