Muttonhead Limbaugh: A glittering jewel of colossal ignorance

So Muttonhead has apparently seized onto this “Paul-Romney” conspiracy theory (ironically, he portrays both men on his website in the tinfoil hat which is really firmly attached to his own head).  He further claims, ridiculously, that he has “known” about this for over a month.

Well, Muttonhead needs to untie that atrophied raisin he calls half of his brain, and try to think for a moment.  Here’s an article (by one who despises Ron Paul for his foreign policy) setting the record straight.
What we have is Newt Gingrich acting like a jerk toward Ron Paul (despite his recent attempts to co-opt some of Paul’s message), Rick Santorum acting like a jerk and attacking Ron Paul vociferously (Rick called Ron “disgusting”), and Mitt Romney, if he ever acknowledges Paul’s existence, treating Ron Paul with cordiality.

As to the “fact” that Ron “only” attacks the “more conservative” opponents–which are supposed to be Santorum and Gingrich, for some inscrutable reason–well, as I pointed out before, the race right now is to become the last remaining “not-Romney” (except, of course, for Romney, but he may start trying that, if he thinks it would help him win).  It makes no sense to waste resources on attacking Romney at this point.  Get the other two “not-Romneys” to bail out, and then you can turn your fire onto the Romney.  That’s indeed what Gingrich and Santorum are also doing.  Gingrich has called for Santorum and Ron Paul to drop out of the race, but not Romney.  THERE MUST BE A COLLUSION BETWEEN GINGRICH AND ROMNEY!!!


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