Mark Levin: “Come back, Come back to Mordor with me”

Last night, I listened to about ten minutes’ worth of Mark Levin.  This really heartens me; if Muttonhead Limbaugh and this pestilence Levin are spending so much time attacking Ron Paul, then he must have really kicked tail hard in the last debate.  No, strike that; Ron Paul must have been repeatedly kicking these guys hard in the groin, with steel-toed boots (philosophically speaking, of course).

Now, Levin spends a lot of his time anymore attacking Ron Paul (ol’ Muttonhead barely ever mentions him, having latched on to the preposterous idea that “there are only three candidates”, and that they are Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum).  Last night, Levin focused his fire on what he called “Ron Paul’s mentors”: Lew Rockwel and Murray Rothbard.  Here is the link to Lew Rockwell’s website: .  I won’t give out Levin’s website, because, well, my heart is just not that cruel.

Murray Rothbard was an agnostic Jew who wrote brilliantly about economics, mostly brilliantly about civil liberties and rights, and was, by all accounts, a really great guy.  If you think that Milton Friedman is the be-all, end-all of free market philosophy, Rothbard can give you an education otherwise:  (That’s the first part of 5)

I don’t agree with everything that Rothbard wrote; he was pro-abortion, which is manifestly a gross violation of the non-aggression principle.  But on economics, he was brilliant.  He wrote America’s Great Depression which, contra Friedman’s claim that the GD was the result of not enough money printing, showed that it was the massive amount of monetary inflation during the 1920’s that produced the Great Depression.

In other words, Rothbard is Levin’s intellectual superior to a hideously embarrassing degree.  Levin should shut up and listen for once to someone who had a grasp on what “Liberty and Tyranny” really meant.

But Levin does not have the capacity to learn or grow.  He’s too old and comfortable.  I don’t remember every criticism, but he did mention that Rothbard attacked Ronald Reagan.  You can read those attacks here, and here , and here, and decide for yourself if they are justified, or not.  Warning: they will make you angry, if you are a Reagan devotee, and you will most likely be tempted to quit reading after the first couple of paragraphs, but I urge you to make it through the initial hyperbolic portions and get to the meat of what Rothbard is saying.

Rothbard, unlike hypocrites like Levin, Muttonhead Limbaugh, Chucklehead Hannity, and Melonhead Larson, was consistent in his philosophy of liberty.  That makes him a breath of fresh air after breathing the stale, cigar-infused ozone of the Type II conservatives.


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