The GOP Debate 02/22/12

Some thoughts…

Regarding illegal immigration:  I of course agree with Ron Paul, and want to expand on what he said.  The two best ways to deal with illegal immigration is to dismantle the welfare state, and enforce private property rights.

Regarding Iran:  There are very astute and informed people who argue credibly that Iran is not actually trying to build a nuclear weapon.  Going to war with Iran does not increase our security, but lessen it, because it further extends our already overextended military.  By the way, Gingrich said that “he belives dictators”, but the belief is apparently selective, because he doesn’t believe the Iranian leadership when it says that it is not pursuing nuclear weapons; when it says that even having nuclear weapons is a sin, according to the state religion.

Regarding contraceptives: Ron Paul observed that it would be more productive to blame the immorality rather than blame birth control for the problems of teenage pregnancy and bastard children.  I would only add that the immorality of a society cannot be cured by a top-down, government mandated approach.  Immorality can only be truly solved by the Gospel permeating society, changing hearts, which leads to changed behavior.  Government cannot stop immorality, it can only punish immoral behavior.  A government that has the authority to punish immoral behavior will invariably become a government that punishes moral behavior.

Ron Paul did really well tonight.


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