Dungeons & Dragons and Ron Paul

First, read this (it’s long): http://www.enworld.org/forum/new-horizons-upcoming-edition-d-d/317715-very-long-combat-sport-vs-combat-war-key-difference-d-d-play-styles.html

tl;dr version: There are two styles of D&D play (according to the author of the above thread post): “Combat as War” and “Combat as Sport”. He proffers this as an explanation why edition wars become so crazy insane.

The example he uses to define each style is to describe the adventuring party stumbling upon a hive of giant magic bees. “Combat as Sport” players engage the bees, fight a tough, but evenly matched battle with the bees, and take the honey. “Combat as War” players sneak back to the owlbear den and entice it to go to the beehive and either fight the bees or lead them away, after which the players take the honey.

Romney, Moonboy, and Santorum are “Combat as Sport” campaigners. They are watching the polls, trying to do well in debates, and winning the (usually) meaningless straw poll-like caucuses and primaries. Seriously, none of the contests from a couple of days ago actually resulted in any delegates awarded.

Ron Paul is running a “Combat as War” campaign. He’s fine with the other three entering the arena for some gladiatorial combat in front of cheering crowds. He’s busy dousing the arena walls with gasoline, scattering caltrops around each exit, and having his sniper team hide just outside to pick off the survivors….


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