What happened in NV?

We finally got a vote talley from the NV caucuses.  I don’t remember the exact numbers, but it was something like Romney 50%, Gingrich 23%, Paul 19%, and Santorum 10%.

Romney won, which was disappointing, but not unexpected.  Gingrich coming in second place is a puzzle, though.  Ol’ Moonboy barely had a campaign in NV, while Congressman Paul spent more than even Romney.  The Paul campaign indicated that they had 22,000 firm votes, while he barely got over 6,000.  It looks like the campaign needs to figure out a better way to i.d. “firm voters”…

So, anyway, I understand that there was some sort of athletic competition going on yesterday, which may have distracted people; the talk radio hosts may have been pumping up Gingrich (Hannity certainly seems firmly in his camp); people may have decided to believe the farcical notion that Romney has the best chance of beating Obama in November. 

What I hope is not the case is that people, having considered the message of liberty that Paul promotes, decided that they prefer large and intrusive government; that the silly idea that Iran could actually touch us in any way is credible; and that perpetual war is, against all evidence, a sane and sound foreign policy.

I am curious, though, why Gingrich holds more appeal to self-described conservatives than Santorum.  Gingrich is hardly more “electable”, what with his serial adulterous past, his looney (and I use that term pointedly) idea of making the moon the 51st state, and his willingness to embrace intrusive government when it appeals to his ego and vanity.  Santorum is a pro-war statist, as well, but at least he’s more credible in his claim to be a “traditional conservative”.


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