Review of the SC Debate 01/16/2012

I only ever watch the “Ron Paul Highlights” of the debates, so perhaps one should go elsewhere for a review of the full debate.

My thoughts: Ron Paul did quite well, much better than the Sad Sacks over on the Ron Paul Forums ( claimed that he did.  He didn’t say anything different than what he’s always been saying, so there was no surprises there.  He did get boo’d, but that’s par for the course (if he didn’t get boo’d we’d wonder what was wrong).  He got rousing cheers much more often than he got boo’d, which is also par for the course.  In fact, in the section of the debate where the crowd boo’d his proposal for a “Golden Rule” foreign policy, he got cheers immediately after when he said that we not only didn’t need to go to war with Iran, but we needed to stop the wars we were already in, save the money, and bring the troops home.

He made a very good point about the Osama Bin Ladin killing:  we were able to work with the Pakistan government to extradite Khalid Sheik Mohammed, whom we tried and executed.  Why was this not even a considered possibility for OBL?  A lot of governmnet lickspittles misinterpreted (deliberately or otherwise) his point about Saddam Hussein.  Thinking they are being clever, they point out that Saddam’s capture only happened after an invasive war; but they miss his point.  His point was that we didn’t immediately shoot Saddam and toss his body in the Tigris, but rather turned him over to the Iraqi government. We could have captured OBL and brought him here, tried him, and executed him.
The Twitter feed response thing was interesting; you can find the short version readily on youtube, but might have to work on finding the longer, in-depth version.  Fortunately, you came to this blog, and I will provide the links here:
Short version:
Long version:

According to the polls today, Mitt Romney has the SC primary pretty well wrapped up, and maybe he has.  But Ron Paul has a couple of things going for him.  One, he’s received the endorsement of Tom Davis, a popular and influentional SC state senator.  This has led to at least three more ( very conservative–fiscally and socially–state senators to also endorse Ron Paul today.  SC has a large military presence, and Ron Paul does particulary well among military.  Also, SC awards delegates proportionally, which means that Dr. Paul will get some delegates, even if he doesn’t come in first place.

For a review of the full debate last night, this commentary is as good as any I’ve read so far:


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