Iowa Caucuses are today

All one can do is wait for the results tonight.  I decided to not listen to talk radio (except, that I might tune into Free Talk Live – –later tonight.  The snotnoggins who suddenly discovered how much they really, really hate limited government and expanded individual liberty when faced with Ron Paul will only annoy me with their pro-statist bloviation.

Amazing, isn’t it, what big liars Rush, Hannity, Levin, Larson all turned out to be?  The only thing that matters is that we invade Iran, apparently.  Any position other than kill Iranians in a hopeless pursuit of security against terrorism (as if the source of the threat won’t just move to another location) is now the defining characteristic of whether one loves liberty or not.  Pathetic.

Update: Better to read Tom Woods (who would make a great VP pick):


One Response to “Iowa Caucuses are today”

  1. I like Woods, but he’s a bit too fanatical a Rothbardian to be a healthy VP. Paul, fortunately, is more rational, splitting the difference between Hayek and Friedman on one hand, and Rothbard on the other.

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