Ron Paul’s “Racism”

Oh ho!  The gov’t lickspittles have run out of real arguments, and have reduced themselves to being Jesse Jackson copycats.  The blogosphere and radio talk show circuit have dredged up the old story that Ron Paul allowed his name to be put atop some newsletters that contained racist rhetoric.  If you’re curious what Ron Paul’s response to this story is, his answer to Sean Hannity on the night of the last debate pretty much puts the story to rest–as long as one isn’t a gov’t lickspittle, of course. 
Speaking of Hannity, he decided to bless his radio listeners with his absense this week, only to revoke the blessing by inflicting something called Mark Simone (sp?) on them.  Simone, when discussing this issue, said that if Ron Paul really didn’t know what was being written in a newsletter that bore his name, then that disqualifies him from being President.   Simone obviously is a genius at being stupid.  We can disregard the fact that Ron Paul accurately predicted the current economic crisis six years prior to the bubble bursting, we can disregard the fact that Ron Paul accurately predicted the mess that the Iraq War turned out to be, we can disregard the fact that Ron Paul has been consistently pro-Constitution, pro-free market, pro-liberty since he entered politics; no, there was a newsletter 20 years ago that contained racist comments, and that disqualifies Ron Paul!


This story is really not about Ron Paul’s stance on race, and everyone knows it.  This story is about the fact that Ron Paul doesn’t toe the line on America’s imperialistic adventures overseas, and that his position has apparently gained traction with Americans.  Think about it:  Friday morning, after the last debate, Rush Limbaugh confidently asserted that Michele Bachmann showed everyone what a “tinfoil hat wearer” Ron Paul is.  Most self-described conservatives on the blogosphere and on talk radio pointed out the obvious fact that the “Bachmann take-down” of Paul on the issue of Iran was the end of his candidacy.  But then, Ron Paul went up in the polls, not down.  He raised over $3 million in a 24-hour timespan, and extended it another million over the following two days.  He’s in the lead in the Iowa caucus polls.  Rather than going down, as we were told, Paul went up, and the gov’t lickspittles can’t account for that, so they go for the race card like a drowning man after a life ring.  But it won’t work, because the charge that Ron Paul is racist is demonstrably untrue.  See this article:

I have heard it confidently asserted that, should Ron Paul win Iowa, that the GOP Establishment will bring out the big guns, that they will stop at nothing to stop Paul.  But how does one stop a charging elephant when one is out of bullets?


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  1. It is growing tired isnt it?

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