This grah is fretezshay

If one spends the amount of time arguing on different blogs, one will have heard that Ron Paul, while “good on economic policy” is “just too looney/naive on foreign policy”.  Infuriating, really to be told that perpetual war is the “sane” foreign policy, but figuring out what people’s problems are and seeing if there are other avenues than war for addressing those problems is somehow a weak foreign policy stance.  I mean, is there any position more juvenile and preposterous than Michele Bachmann’s “they might kill us, so we need to go ahead and kill them first”?

Well, some grassroots folks put together this video supporting Ron Paul’s foreign policy stance, and it is awesomesauce.  I’m pretty sure that the war fanatics won’t like it, because no one likes to be made to look foolish, and this video manifests the foolishness of the pro-war coalition in such a way that they are likely to be induced to seek refuge beneath their beds, sucking their thumbs and weeping in hideous shame, both for their very unintelligent stance on foreign policy, and for their indecent treatment of Ron Paul.  Here it is:


One Response to “This grah is fretezshay”

  1. I’d like to repeat a comment I made on the Youtube video comments section: Seeing Donald Rumsfeld cordially shaking hands with Saddam Hussein is jarring.

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