The folks at are clearly the most gulllible people on earth

The article is quite good; it’s a discussion of the major problems with the recently passed (but not yet signed) Defense Authorization Act, in which is contained provisions to arrest “anyone” who the government thinks is associated with terrorist groups.  The article points out the ambiguity of the language of the bill and the potential for abuse, but in the comments section, most of the commenters scoff at the idea that the Federal Government could ever truly be evil enough just to throw American citizens in prison without a trial. 

So, congratulations, Uncle Sam.  You have been able to get a group of people whose creed is ostensibly pro-individual liberty and pro-limited government to embrace Leviathan with an alacrity that is quite embarrassing.

I hesitate to mention this, but there is a piece of fantasy artwork called “One Last Time”.  It is a bit prurient, but it captures in image form how I feel about the sheep and the trust they have in the Federal Government.  (Hint: they’re not the snake-thing).


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