The exasperating Glenn Beck

In this video, Glenn gives a nearly spot-on assessment of what will happen should Newt win the nomination, and then the Presidency, and thus why he has said he would consider voting for Ron Paul, if Paul goes third party.  Glenn’s problem is that he can’t see that his favored candidates (Bachmann and Santorum) would be just as Progressive in their policies as Newt.  Perhaps those two wouldn’t be as intentional about it, but neither have shown that they think through the problems inherent in foreign policy rather than simply accept whatever talking points Muttonhead Limbaugh feeds them.  IN FACT, Bachmann’s claim that “the IAEA has said Iran was only six months away from building a nuclear weapon” came from the Daily Mail, a sort of British version of our National Enquirer.  But I digress.  Perpetual War is a key tenet of Progressivism, because it is through war that the government acquires most of its power.  Sometimes wars end, though, and the government is compelled to give back some of the power it had during the war (although it has historically given back less than it took).  Now, we are in a war that can never be truly won, and so will never truly end.  For anyone who doubts this, consider the end game of the “War on Terror”:  at what point does “Terror Surrender”? (with thanks to Jon Stewart for that brilliant and funny line)  Under what conditions would we be able to declare victory?  The honest answer is, “There are none.”  The government has its perfect war, and it is already using it to openly shred the Constitution (S.1867, sections 1031 and 1032).  If the government were to pass a Defense Authorization Act that included a provision to snatch everyone’s privately owned firearms, I would expect that Muttonhead Limbaugh, Dunderhead Hannity, Melonhead Larson, and Mark Levin would push everything off the docket except for that one story.  But the government just gave itself the right to seize anyone’s firearms at any time.  It just took away the 4th Amendment protections that Americans are supposed to enjoy, namely, the right to stand trial for charges of criminal activity.  The government has given itself the authority to arrest Americans for the crime of terrorism, without actually having to prove the charge!  And if the government decides to call you a terrorist, then obviously it has the right to confiscate your firearms, because you pose a danger to society.

Ron Paul’s foreign policy, on the other hand, is in line with not only the Founding Fathers’ philosophies, but with Scripture.  Jesus allowed for self-defence (he instructed his disciples to acquire swords before they headed to Gethsemane), but rebuked Peter for taking aggressive, non-defensive action.  I urge Glenn Beck to reconsider whether Ron Paul is really as crazy as everyone says, or if he is rather the only sane man in a room full of moonbats.


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