Nice commentary on who won last night’s debate

Writes Todd McAdams:

“Ron was indomitable tonight. Last time I wrote about his debate performance I said it was his best night. I couldn’t have known then that those words would prove anachronistic.

“Why was Ron so stunning? Well, he slowed down his rate of speech and allowed his mouth to catch up with his brilliant mind. He’s never been so polished. If I had been on stage opposing him, I’d have felt more than a little nervous as the good doctor swaggered into the limelight with the all the confidence of THE front runner. Tonight more than ever his presentation convinced the people and the puppets that he’s in it to win it and he is indeed running for president, not just for philosophy.

“Why was Ron so endearing? When Romney paid lip service to all the irrepressible Paulunteers, Ron applauded them! Ron stormed the will and gave alms to common sense in his rebuttal to Dianne Sawyer over medical fascism. As always the MSM has counted on Ron’s belief in free market medicine to be his undoing by slandering it as uncaring. Ron bravely posited that if we need government to protect us from ourselves (poor dietary choices like the federal food pyramid, sedentary lifestyles, gluttony) then we are in bad shape.

“He called out Loot Gingrich for being the plutocrat that he is in the discussion of the housing bubble. Goodness, what other candidate besides Ron would mention the Ottoman empire in a debate? (I think my Governor Perry was probably thinking, “Otto-Man…is that Marvel or DC?”.). Yes, it’s true that the Palestinians have not always had a state, but neither have the Israelis! It’s clear that if Gingrich gets in he’ll make Dick Cheney look like a peacenik. As expected, he took a lot of heat for his newfound fifteen minutes of shame. I think tonight was the beginning of the end for him and his warmongering.

“Ron has the smoothest segues on the planet. I didn’t mind the question about marital fidelity because I know God judges people according to how well they keep their word, and since our elected officials swear an oath to Him to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution it stands to reason that their fidelity to their mate will likely predict their fidelity in other areas. Newt looked so awkward and uncomfortable as the others spoke, and Ron deftly maneuvered the discussion from his own marital fidelity to his fidelity to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It was a beautiful thing.

“Why was Ron so charming? Because he turned the acknowledgment of Perry and Romney on its head and bolstered that into a back door compliment to his viability and consistency. Even Santorum was smiling and laughing! SANTORUM!!!

“God, if it is according to Your will, allow this man to win. I trust him alone out of the lot to keep the darkness at bay.”



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