The problem with Herman Cain

So here’s a guy running for president facing some accusations about his past behavior.  Are the charges true?  I doubt it.  It looks to me like a railroad job, like maybe some things he said or did were blown way out of proportion.  He should, if he discontinues fumbling the issue, get past this.

On a totally unrelated subject, I read recently that today it takes a salary of over $60,000 for a person to enjoy the same standard of living as one who made $35,000 in 1990.  This situation is directly attributable to the Federal Reserve system, which has as its policy a continual devaluing of the dollar (a.k.a. inflation).  That’s right; this situation is not attributable to the Federal tax code, or greedy businessmen, or oil prices.  Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.  And yet, Herman Cain thinks that the Federal Reserve is not a problem, that it’s somehow a side issue.  That’s a real problem that people should have with Herman Cain.

Secondly, Herman Cain has proposed a new tax system, his famous “9-9-9 Plan”, which, by his own admission, doesn’t reduce the tax burden!  That’s what he means when he says that his plan is “revenue neutral”.  It doesn’t reduce the overall tax burden, it merely spreads it around to more people.  This is in addition to the plan throwing a national sales tax into the mix.  Yeah, nothing possibly could go wrong with giving the Federal Gov’t the power to collect taxes on retail sales.  That’s a real problem that people should have with Herman Cain.


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