Mississippi: Land of the idiot RINOs

Seriously, the GOP nearly sweeps the state offices, plus (it looks like) takes over the house for the first time since 1880, and the “Personhood Initiative” fails?  Do you work really hard to be this incompetently stupid, MS GOP voters, or does it come naturally?  They say that Planned Parenthood spent a lot of time and money spreading a lot of lies about the initiative, which is likely; why would an organization dedicated to antepartum infanticide fear to stoop to telling a fib?  Still, I don’t think that’s the problem.  The problem is that Mississippi voters decided that they like to have the option to murder children.  Declaring that an unborn human being is, in fact, a human being might make them feel guilty, which might ruin their weekend.

For the record, I voted for 26 (Personhood), for 31 (Eminent Domain), and against 27 (voter i.d.).


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