Ron Paul unveils his economic plan

That Ron Paul’s plan to cut $1 trillion totally crushes Romney’s plan to cut $20 billion should go without saying, but I doubt many people will hear about Ron Paul’s plan, since there is a very real blackout of Paul in the media, both traditional and “new” media.  Of course, Rush Limbaugh said he like Paul’s plan, but tried to claim credit for it.  Whatever.

But while cutting spending and taxes is important, it is Ron Paul’s plan to introduce a free market in money that is the real solution to our problems.  Mark Levin last week said, in reference to Ron Paul’s performance at the last debate: “The Federal Reserve; yeah, yeah, we get it already.”  That statement means that Levin most obviously does not get it.  The Federal Reserve–and fractional reserve banking in general–is the true source of the “boom-bust” business cycle; it is not an inherent feature of the free market despite what we’re taught.  Tax reform and spending cuts, while extremely beneficial, are treatments of symptoms rather than the disease.  They will not solve the problem, any more than giving a patient aspirin will solve his brain tumor problem, even if it alleviates his pain.


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