Re: Ron Paul’s “border fence” statement

There seems to be a general consensus among the conservative blogheads that Ron Paul’s assertion that a government-erected border fence might possibly be used against us is just more evidence of “Crazy Uncle Ron’s” weirdness.
I suppose one day, when these contemptible buffoons are shoved into a chair, and have a rat cage forced onto their heads, they’ll finally be hit with the epiphany that the Federal Government (more than Islamic radicals ever could) hates us for our freedoms.
Their protestation that they want to limit government ring false; they, as much as any prog, want greater government control over our lives.  They fear possible threats more than they fear the real threat of governmment power.  And they’re quite willing to hand over to the government more power to “keep us safe” from illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants aren’t forcing us to be strip-searched at airports.  Illegal immigrants aren’t trying to throw us in jail for killing a grizzly bear that threatened our families (and then letting us off with a “mere” $1,000 fine).  Illegal immigrants aren’t subjecting our small businesses with onerous regulation. Illegal immigrants haven’t tried to centralize the national health care system under government control.  That’s all the fine work of our own government.

These so-called conservatives are like a man who, in order to protect himself from potential burglars, invites a serial killer to move in.

And when “Crazy Uncle Ron” expresses alarm over endless foreign wars, they mock him as being uninterested in national defense.  Well, the strongest national defense we could possibly have is an armed populace, and possibly a missile defense shield.  An invincible Federal Army does not make us safer from itself.   Endless foreign wars do not make us safer from our own government.  Every war in which this nation has entered has seen a rescinding of American liberties, liberties which were only partially restored at each war’s end.  Now, the FedGov has the perfect war–one which can never be won, and so must always be waged, and in which liberties need never be restored.

For the record, here’ s what he said:
“The people that want big fences and guns, sure, we could secure the border,” the congressman noted. “A barbed wire fence with machine guns, that would do the trick. I don’t believe that is what America is all about.”

“Every time you think about this toughness on the border and ID cards and REAL IDs, think it’s a penalty against the American people too. I think this fence business is designed and may well be used against us and keep us in. In economic turmoil, the people want to leave with their capital and there’s capital controls and there’s people controls. Every time you think about the fence, think about the fences being used against us, keeping us in.”


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