Ron Paul the Creationist

The above link (originally posted in 2007) is about as good as any that show up if you do a search for “Ron Paul and Creationism”.  It encapsulates the sort of disappointment the other sites’ authors express upon learning that the Christian Ron Paul actually accepts the tenets of his faith.  It’s a little surprising that they would find Paul’s honesty impressive and refreshing, but be shocked when they learn that honesty extends to his deeply and sincerely held religious beliefs.  Oh well…still, there is this little gem from the above link: “Why does it matter whether or not presidential candidates accept the evidence for evolution? Because the evidence is overwhelming. As I wrote in my comment on Huckabee, ‘It is dangerous to have someone so resistant to evidence and reason as President of the United States.'”  HA HA HA HA HA!!!!  The “evidence” for evolution is nothing but a set of dogmatic assertions and “just so” stories about the unobserved past.  Ron Paul’s rejection of this second-rate religion actually shows him to be of an higher caliber of intellect than his gullible detractors.  I suppose their inability to think logically about the creation vs. evolution debate explains why they would chuck someone whom they like on every other issue but this one.


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