More about “Junk DNA”

It seems that I missed why Darwinists are so enamored of this idea of “Junk DNA”.  I had assumed it was merely that organisms having vast quantities of this supposed “Junk” was evidence that organisms evolved over time and that “Junk” was residue from previous mutations.  What I didn’t realise is that “Junk DNA” is required for Darwinistic evolution to happen, because without it there isn’t enough time for evolution to have happened!  See here:

“Junk DNA is not just a label that was tacked on to some DNA that seemed to have no function; it is something that is required by evolution. Mathematically, there is too much variation, too much DNA to mutate, and too few generations in which to get it all done. This was the essence of Haldane’s work. Without junk DNA, evolutionary theory cannot currently explain how everything works mathematically. Think about it; in the evolutionary model there have only been 3–6 million years since humans and chimps diverged. With average human generation times of 20–30 years, this gives them only 100,000 to 300,000 generations to fix the millions of mutations that separate humans and chimps. This includes at least 35 million single letter differences,10 over 90 million base pairs of non-shared DNA,10 nearly 700 extra genes in humans (about 6% not shared with chimpanzees),11 and tens of thousands of chromosomal rearrangements. Also, the chimp genome is about 13% larger12 than that of humans, but mostly due to the heterochromatin that caps the chromosome telomeres. All this has to happen in a very short amount of evolutionary time. They don’t have enough time, even after discounting the functionality of over 95% of the genome—but their position becomes grave if junk DNA turns out to be functional. Every new function found for Junk DNA makes the evolutionists’ case that much more difficult.”


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  1. There is also this, from the article: “These results are stunning. With genome regulation becoming more and more complicated, and with more and more of the genome being demonstrated to be functional, one wonders how long evolutionists can hold to the idea of junk DNA? However, hold on to it they must, for without it they lose one of their best arguments. But they just lost one of their favorite pieces of evidence: the presence of ancient deactivated viruses in the genome. Rather than being functionless vestigial remnants of our past, retrotransposons turn out to be functionally integrated into the amazingly complex regulatory apparatus of mammalian genomes!”

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