And yet even more “Junk DNA” goodness

I posted this in the comments section of the last blog post, but it was too good to hide away there:

“These developments underline, once again, how evolutionary premises impede the progress of science. In the past, evolutionary notions led to over 100 human features being labeled ‘vestigial’, or leftovers of our supposed animal ancestry.8 This was based on the similarity of these features to ones found in animals, combined with the lack of knowledge about what the organs did. The lack of logic is astonishing: ‘since we don’t know what the organs do, they must be useless’. The same evolutionary ‘logic’ has been applied to the DNA: ‘we don’t know what most of it does, so it must do nothing’. So it is labelled ‘junk’, ‘pseudogenes’, ‘parasitic’, ‘retroviral inserts’, etc.”


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