Irrational Atheists…but I repeat myself

Atheists like to pretend that they inhabit a higher plane of intelligence than the rest of us poor schlubs who must believe in an Infinite Creator God.  They put forth interesting and compelling arguments for God’s nonexistence…..I’m sorry I can’t write that last sentence with a straight face.  What atheists really do is engage in ad hominem attacks and refuse to argue at all; and if forced into a discussion, they invoke straw men to prove their “case”.  Unfortunately for the atheist, his presuppositions force him to think logically to the wrong conclusion, and he reveals himself to be the second-rate thinker that he is.  Atheists are guilty of the “argument from ignorance fallacy”, in that they say that since God’s existence hasn’t been proven, then He therefore does not exist.  Then they turn around and claim that the Believer must prove God’s existence to them.  Well, if the existence of God cannot be seen by them in the existence of specific and complex systems that contain and use information (such systems cannot arise spontaneously from non-living, non-intelligent sources), then they are beyond the reach of logic.  Speaking of which, here is a good article explaining why the atheist must rely on Christian thought to argue his atheistic religious beliefs:

Atheism is a religion, despite what they claim (as if being labelled “not a religion” could possibly make their ideas any more credible).  They have their own myths:  and they suffer delusions from poor thinking skills:  unlike the followers of Christianity, who have a highly rational faith:


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