A flawed video

One of the best economic websites, www.mises.org, posted this video on its blog page: http://blog.mises.org/13497/the-sunset-of-the-state/.  The video is titled “The Sunset of the State, and attempts (to the best of my knowledge) to show that, just like bad scientific theories have been relegated to the dustbin of history by better theories and models, so should the idea of a state, or national government, should be dispensed with in favor of a better working model for society that does not include a national government.  The video hurts its purpose, however, when it makes some erroneous statements regarding science history.  Near the beginning of the video, it states that when “a few brave souls” decided to look at the solar system as heliocentric rather than earth centered, “everything fell into place, at once.”  Well, not quite at once.  Copernicus certainly was correct to place the sun at the center of the solar system, but he still held onto the preconception of planetary orbits as being circular rather than elliptical.  He made his sun centered model work, but he had to use something like the “circles on circles” fix that the video claims “evaporated” once a heliocentric model was adopted.  The video then goes on to talk about “when navigators accepted that the world was round, rather than flat.”  Of course, this realization occurred during the times of the ancient Greeks.  Even the Jewish Scriptures speaks of the “roundness of the earth” that “hangs on nothing”.  The video, as the voiceover speaks of the change from flat-earth theory to round-earth theory, shows a clip of a moving sailing ship.  This in itself is not a problem, but it harkens back to “The Myth of the Flat Earth” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myth_of_the_Flat_Earth), which, despite the name, does not describe people believing that the earth was flat, but rather describes modern scientists believing that people “back then” believed the earth was flat, usually because of religious views.

The video moves then to its best section, when it describes “the Non-Aggression Principle”, which is basically, use no aggressive violence, which we teach to our children, but fail to follow as adults.

Around seven minutes in, the video claims how, when correct scientific models replace false models, it can be disorienting to people, and then effects a huge bellyflop by including “evolution” as one of the “correct” models that people find “disorienting”.  Now this is not the weak definition of evolution–“change over time”–which carries no meaning; the image shown as the narrator speaks of the disorienting nature of evolution is the famous “march of apes” culminating in modern man.  So what the narrator apparently means, when he says “evolution”, is that over great expanses of time, natural selection working on random genetic mutation produced organisms of ever greater complexity, explaining why there are so many different species of animal in existence.  Unfortunately, this model for biological diversity fits more with the “unnecessarily complex theories” section of the video, that portrays a castle sitting atop an inverted pyramid, with all sorts of devices being added to it to “make it work”.  That’s the Darwinian theory’s history.  Each time Darwinism hits a major scientific roadblock (like the irriducable complexity of the cell described by Behe) a workaround theory must be introduced to keep the theory alive.  There is a theory in Darwinism called “Punctuated Equilibrium”, which states that evolutionary change happens relatively quickly, followed by eons of unchanging organisms, followed by another round of quickly evolving organisms, and so on.  This theory was not proposed because the fossil record shows lots of organisms in a wide layer of rock that are unchanged, followed by a narrow layer of rock that has a bunch of crazy-looking fossils (fish with legs, etc.), followed by another wide layer of unchanging fossils.  No, “Punk-eek” was proposed because there are no “crazy-looking fossils” at all!  That is, there are no “transitional forms” permeating the fossil record that give credence to Darwin’s theory.  Such absence needs explanation, and with over a century of paleontologists assiduously searching specifically for transitional form-type fossils, their absence is becoming embarrassing.  So the “Punk-eek” workaround is proposed.  There are others, I am sure (in fact, there is one theory, called the “hopeful monster” theory, which states, basically, that a lizard laid an egg, and a fully-formed bird popped out.  It’s not popular in scientific circles, although it was proposed by a committed Darwinist).

The best quote from the video, however, is “You’ve been lied to your entire life, by people who have been lied to their entire lives, for the benefit of those who desire power over you.”  It’s a shame that the creators of the video cannot see that the theory of Darwinism is part of that Lie.

See this article, part of which explains how Darwinism gave the Progressive movement the ideological motivation to “improve people’s lives” through massive government, “scientific” methods:  http://spectator.org/archives/2010/07/16/americas-ruling-class-and-the/print


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