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The author of the “racist” articles in Ron Paul’s Newsletter

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James B. Powell

The story is a little over a year old, now.


President Bush wins a fourth term

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Peel away the rhetoric, and one can see that Obama’s reelection will result in the same Progressive-neocon policies that he’s been enacting since 2008.  Buy land and gold and silver to protect yourself, and if you need some sort of political outlet, then focus on state politics.  Elect state representatives who will stand up to the FedGov; that’s really the only realistic hope the liberty movement ever had.

It should be quite obvious that the best thing to happen would be for the country to split up into regional nations, and get rid of the Federal Government.  Most people are too scared of liberty to ever consider this possibility, unfortunately.

Too bad the GOP didn’t nominate Ron Paul; he could have won the election by hitting Obama where he was truly weak: foreign policy.  Most Americans are really tired of the whole “perpetual war” policy that Bush started and Obama embraced.  Oh, well; at least I got to write his name in (that’s right; there was a space for write-ins on the MS ballot, after all.  They just don’t count a write-in vote unless one of the candidates on the ballot are in some way incapacitated).

A breakdown of how the GOP stole the nomination for Romney

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Read it here.

An excerpt:

In addition to being given nosebleed seats at the convention center, many of Paul’s supporters and other delegates were left stranded at various locations around the city while others were purposely driven around for hours in buses, unable to attend the convention for lengthy periods of time. Some were even taken back to their hotels as late as 3 AM, leaving delegates exhausted.

Once there, while a virtual police state formed outside, delegates from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts watched themselves unseated as delegates in favor of Romney delegates, despite overwhelming objections from the floor. Obvious points of order were outright ignored as if no Paul delegates were even there. Individuals recording the proceedings from the floor were able to catch those running the teleprompter purposely skipping over portions of the proceedings (teleprompter part 2) that would have allowed for a fair fight. Delegates were unseated and rules changes were unfairly adopted in front of the nation. If that wasn’t bad enough, because of the fact that Ron Paul had garnered at least a six state delegate plurality (the majority of delegates from any given state) and the GOP establishment was ultimately unable to rid themselves of that problem, they even decided against the wishes of the attendees to change the rules at the last minute to state that potential nominees must now have an eight state delegate plurality in order to be added to the first ballot, immediately eliminating Paul from a spot on the first ballot.

Romney the unstable, insecure, high school captain of the cheerleader squad

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Seriously, this guy had the nomination pretty well sewed up for a long time, yet still felt the need to change the rules in the middle of the game, just to make sure that no one else got nominated.  This election is all about him, you understand.  What sort of president does a guy so insecure that he can’t brook any opposition whatsoever?  Considering that he’s just fine with the NDAA of 2012, such an attitude is chilling.

RNC Proves that it is composed of morons

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In an attempt to find someone who will defeat Obama and roll back Obama’s policies, they nominate the one candidate who is nearly identical to Obama.

Hey GOP: Go jump in the lake

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So, I’m considering my options for voting in the upcoming Presidential Election.  My intent was to write in Ron Paul’s name, but apparently the State of Mississippi doesn’t allow write-in votes.  My options, then, are: 1. Vote Romney, 2. Vote Obama, 3. Vote some other party’s candidate.  Options 1 and 2 are right out, so I decided to see what the third-party options were.  I don’t have any intention of voting for left-leaning parties, so that leaves me with Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, and Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party candidate.  I oppose abortion (so I don’t like the LP’s stance on abortion) and I support Free Trade (so I don’t like the Constitution Party’s stance on trade).  However, my opposition to abortion outweighs my support for Free Trade, so the CP looks like my choice.

Only, the wretches in the GOP are working hard to pull the same tricks on the LP and the CP that they did with Ron Paul’s candidacy: they are actively working to get those parties thrown off the ballot in at least one state. 

Screw. You.

You’ve just lost my vote not only for President, but for any down-ballot candidates as well: Nunnelee, Wicker, etc.
I called the MS Constitution Party, and inquired if there were a CP candidate for MS District 1, and was told that one Jim Boreland was the candidate.  I’m looking for a website or something to get more information. “Where our conservatism is defined by our embarrassing ignorance”

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So “Dave_A” thinks that the Federal Reserve is “A-Okay!”, that Ron Paul is attempting a “political ambush”, and that the “Audit the Fed” bill should be killed in the Senate.  Why?  Because Dave_A thinks that debtors being able to legally cheat their creditors is a good thing.

Well, Dave_A, when you’re standing in the dairy aisle, and staring at the $48 price tag for a gallon of milk, perhaps you’ll understand why your socialist “government managed money supply” is so vehemently opposed by people who really understand and love liberty, unlike posers like you.  And spare me the nonsense that the Federal Reserve “is as Federal as Federal Express”;  the delivery company does not have a government-granted monopoly on overnight deliveries, nor does the U.S. President appoint the FedEx CEO.  So shut your festering pie hole, you contemptible buffoon, and begin your real education in economics right here.

Hazlitt discusses inflation.

George Romney and the GOP nomination process

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Mitt Romney’s father was placed in nomination for president in 1964 and 1968 despite having no chance to win either time. Romney’s father refused to endorse the 1964 nominee before or after the convention. Romney’s father was placed in nomination as a challenge to the handpicked vice presidential candidate in 1968. Mitt Romney himself received a couple votes for president from loyal supporters at the 2008 convention.Why should he begrudge the Ron Paul campaign an appropriate conclusion at the 2012 convention? His refusal to do so makes little sense, considering how it contradicts tradition — both political and personal.”

I side 91% with Ron Paul

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In this quiz.  I’m pretty sure that it didn’t score me 100% because it asked questions like “should abortion be made illegal in America?” to which I answered “Yes”, but that doesn’t mean that I think that the Federal Government should be the institution to implement laws against abortion.  Like any other type of murder, antepartum infanticide should be handled by state governments.

A write-in vote for Ron Paul is a vote for…

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Ron Paul, obviously.  Unless, of course, one is a hopelessly ignorant conservative, who thinks that Romney has a substantially different worldview from Obama.  “But Obama’s a Marxist, and Romney is a Capitalist!”  Seriously?  The guy who is the godfather of Obamacare, who claimed that the government forcing someone to purchase health insurance is a “free market idea”?

Romney and Obama are both Progressives; they both believe in a huge, powerful state that organizes society for the better.  They may have different visions what that better society should ultimately be, but the problem isn’t in the vision, but in the methods each find acceptable.  Romney very clearly stated he supports the President’s having the power to throw Americans in prison without a trial (NDAA of 2012, and don’t let a bunch of lying, ignorant state-worshippers persuade you otherwise).  People are worried about Obamacare’s forcing one to purchase insurance, but totally unconcerned about the government’s baldly stating it has the right to “disappear” people?  Contemptible buffoons.  I’ll vote my conscience; no more voting for evil, even that of the “lesser” variety.

Bryan Fischer has been having conniptions over the possibility that Romney might pick Rice as his running mate (there’s good evidence to suggest he won’t pick her, though).  I asked more than once in comments on Facebook whether a Rice VP pick would induce Fischer (or any of his followers) to consider voting third party.  No response, of course.  It would mean taking a hard look at their professed philosophy of liberty.  They would vote for the ticket, of course, because “anybody’s better than Obama.”  I think Romney will probably win, but if and when he does, we liberty lovers will get to enjoy a little schaedenfreude over the conservatives’ inevitable grief over Romney’s perpetually stabbing them in the back.  Or, not.  Most conservatives don’t seem to really have a clue that they are being stabbed in the back whenever it happens.


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