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Couched in technical language is a frank admission from Erwin: the history of life shows abrupt jumps in form that are not bridged by gradual “gradation of form from one species to the next.” In other words, it’s the opposite of what an evolutionary view might expect. Erwin even admits the first appearance of body plans is “abrupt”

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On the “New Cosmos” television program.

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A pretty good review.

50 Reasons for a Pre-Tribulational Rapture

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Listed here.

#17 is the one that I find the most persuasive: “It is characteristic of divine dealing to deliver believers before a divine judgment is inflicted on the world as illustrated in the deliverance of Noah, Lot, Rahab, etc. (2 Peter 2:5-9).”

The angels had to physically drag Lot from Sodom before God’s judgement on the city could commence.  God shut the door to the ark before the first drop of rain fell.  The Tribulation is a period of God’s judgement on the World.  As Christians, our judgement has already been dealt with, in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  There is no need for us to endure God’s judgement; there is no need for the Church to be “purified”.  Our purification has already been accomplished at Calvary.  I believe that God will remove the Church from the World before the Tribulation begins.

I would like to add that, if we believe that God broke His promises to Israel, then there’s really no reason to think He wouldn’t break His promises to us.

Money and Banking in the United States

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Rothbard’s classic text in audio form.

Radar takes it to the hoop

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Discusses the unwillingness of Darwinoids to take an honest look at their own theory.

Why I listen to Public Radio

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Yeah, they’re a bunch of liberals, but they focus on interesting stories more often than not.  Also, I learn about people and phenomena that aren’t touched on in the usual talk radio sphere.  Such as new artists:

Overselling Global Warming.

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For the record, I do not find the arguments for global warming persuasive, given the actual, observed evidence.  I find the argument that “global climate change is man-caused” to be pseudoscientific flapdoodle.  But I would welcome global warming, if it’s occurring; increased arable land, higher production of food crops.  There would be definite advantages that would, in my view, outweigh any disadvantages.

Anyway, here’s an op/ed on on the subject.


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